Boat Access Mississippi River lot

Mississippi River

Ardoch,North Frontenac

Boat access 37 acres with 3992 feet frontage on the Mississippi River,

Suitable for off grid cottage or hunting or fishing camp.

   S O L D


Rick Kennedy

Real Estate Brokerage


Boat launch Mississippi River River Road

Public boat launch is beside the bridge at River road making it a short 1400 feet (approx) boat ride to the eastern shore.

Or you can easily slip your canoe or kayak into the water from the side of the road about a hundred feet away from the south east tip.

Great fishing. Fishing zone 18.

WMU 63a

Owner has not been to the property in almost 30 years leaving it virtually a pristine wilderness.   There are no buildings or docks on the land, no hydro or roads.

The owner and broker assumes no liability and interested persons should proceed at their own risk.  Use caution on the water and the land.

From the south east tip you can boat one way east for about 2.7 km before reaching Birch Rapids(about 1km from Crotch Lake and about 7.6 km west

past Ardoch to Farm Lake dam.

A small portion of the south-western water front north of Mud Lake is zoned Significant Provincial Wetlands.  Wild rice grows in this area.  The ducks love it.

The  rest of the southern shore zoned EP and the balance of the land zoned Rural.

Elevation ranges from 245 metres at the shore to a high of 303 metres at the back.

Mineral and timber rights are included.

Approx GPS co ordinates

for reference ( property is surveyed)


East == N44.96459 W76.85549

West == N44.95925 W76.86375


West == N44.96139 W76.86493

Middle  == N44.96336 W76.85730

East == N44.96402 W76.85772

Concession line between Clarendon and Palmerston Townships runs along the east side.  This is an unopened and UNTRAVELLED road allowance.

Vendor and broker have not attempted to walk this allowance to see if the property could be reached by land  from the north

Struthadam Road

N44.96487 W76.86698

This is offered for sale as a boat access property








Distances from       KM

Ardoch                       6

Northbrook             42

Tweed                     83

Bancroft                 112

Kingston                 117

Renfrew                 119

Belleville               122

Ottawa                    123

Peterborough          164

Oshawa                   249

Toronto                   303