Wildlife Paradise

100 acres remote area of Elzevir Township south-west of Deer Rock Lake. The lot (marked in yellow) is one lot away from crown on south(marked in green) and on the east side in Lennox Addington County

Maps show several ponds and wetlands providing ideal habitat for wildlife including deer, moose. elk, bear and waterfowl..

There are no known roads or trails reaching the property.

A very remote hunting property.

Neither owner or broker has ever been to the property.

Access routes unknown but best access may be from south over crown land and along the concession line to south west corner of the property.


Rick Kennedy

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100 acres Elzevir, Tweed Ontario
Remote Hunting land close to Crown land

GPS Co ordinates

Points 3, 1, 2, 4


317700, 4951950

Lat Long: 

44° 41' 51.8" N, 77° 18' 3.3" W


318963, 4952389

Lat Long: 

44° 42' 7.2" N, 77° 17' 6.5" W


319049, 4952118

Lat Long

44° 41' 58.5" N, 77° 17' 2.3" W


317790, 4951666

Lat Long:

44° 41' 42.7" N, 77° 17' 58.8" W




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