100 acres wilderness north of Tweed, 


There are 400 acres of crown land directly adjacent on the north and east sides of the property and additional crown surrounding that.

There is a large beaver pond/wetland in the north west and Elzevir Creek runs through south east corner. 

There are no known trails or roads to the property and purchaser must determine for himself access and property location.  This land is suitable for extreme wilderness camping, hiking, trapping and hunting. (It is NOT suitable for a residence or a hobby farm.

Municipality does not plan to build roads to this area).  Mineral and timber rights included.  WMU61. Taxes $298

SS O L D    2016

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NOTE: Several people have attempted to access the property from North Revie Lane and have been told that there is no access from there and  the local famer will not allow access over his land.  Best access from the maps appears to be by foot starting from Elzevir Road  over Quinte Consevation land then over Crown the rest of the way.   Approx 4km hike

Quinte Conservation has advised that their land may be leased during deer season and posted no tresspassing.


Email for suggested route:   info@RickKennedy.com