100 Acres Wilderness

    S O L D

  • Elzevir Township Concession 5 West Part Lot 18
  • No known roads or trails to property
  • Neither the seller or the real estate broker has ever been to the property
  • This might suit an investor who has the time to wait for circumstances and or technologies to change and make this acreage more easily accessible


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Rick Kennedy

Broker of Record



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Approximate GPS Co ordinates

North West


312763, 4944885

Latitude Longitude: 

44° 37' 58.5" N, 77° 21' 38.1" W


North East



313381, 4945082

Latitude Longitude: 

44° 38' 5.5" N, 77° 21' 10.3" W


South East UTM NAD83: 


313562, 4944512

Latitude Longitude: 

44° 37' 47.2" N, 77° 21' 1.4" W


South West



312950, 4944309

Latitude Longitude: 

44° 37' 40.0" N, 77° 21' 28.9" W



There is no recent survey of the lot. GPS Co ordinates are for general reference purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for a survey.

No known roads or trails leading to property.

Trail runs along unopened road allowance north of the hydro line from Rockies Road  approx 1500 meters but turns off south before the concession line between CON 4 and 5.

Route marked in yellow below runing west east mostly follows unopened road allowance. A route needs to be found north through the bush another 1300 metres along the unopned road allowance..  There appears to be a lot of wet  areas that may make travel very difficult.

 Some people have reported encountering several boggy areas while trying to access along the road allowance going north preventing them from accessing the property.

The 200 acres immediately below the lot for sale is Quinte Conservation but appears to be almost all wet. 

The lot that is for sale, from the maps  appears to be higher and drier than the surrounding areas and may be worth the effort to find.

Both sides of the concession line before the Quinte Conservation property are privately held.

From the maps it appears that trying to come in from the north to the property is even more difficult unless arrangements can be made with neighbours.