From North Shore infront of Shaman Shack looking south

Moira River

1.1 acre waterfront lot

Marmora Ontario

home of ZenRiver Gardens

  S O L D 2015


Rick Kennedy

Realk Estate Brokerage


ZenRiver Gardens needs a new steward. The current one has reached his late sixties, and now it's time for a younger person or family with a fresh vision to enjoy the beauties of this rural retreat.

This property is located in the tiny pioneer hamlet of Malone, about 2 hours northeast of Toronto. It sits on an old mill site on both the north and south banks of the upper Moira River, long before the Moira reaches Belleville and the Bay of Quinte. The elevated north bank has approx. 317 feet of shore, and is over 3/4 of acre, sloping to the river. The south bank has approx. 150 feet of riverfront, over 1/3 of an acre, and is in a lower lying flood plain. The footings of the old dam can be seen from the bridge, which now has the newer, spring fed millpond on the other side.


From South Shore looking north towards Shaman Shack   

Rapids as seen from Bridge

The Malone Quarry Road is maintained year round, and there are several quality houses on it. This property is also of historical significance as the old mill site (the Malone millstone is on display in nearby O'hara's Mills Conservation Area), and as the site of eight annual Purdy Country Literary Festivals. A Who's Who of Canadian poets read their works, camped, and dreamt up new projects at these unique gatherings.

It's unlikely there are any comparable riverfront properties under $30K with this kind of beauty and history. Ever wanted to be the spiritual master of your domain? Venerated head monk Thien Tu Huong Hai of the nearby Zenforest retreat visited ZenRiver Gardens several years ago. He applauded the powerful feng shui and said he could feel the crystal energy of the Shield underfoot. ZenRiver Gardens is a miniaturized version of the preferred layout for a Buddhist sanctuary - elevation behind the retreat (currently the tiny shaman shack) with a river below flowing from east to west.

The new stewards will share the property with a wide variety of flora and fauna, from turtles and blue herons, to wildflowers, fruiting apple trees and songbirds. Milkweed for monarch butterflies flourishes along the paths between the sumacs and the white pine rimmed campsites. Hopefully the new owners will continue to maintain much of ZenRiver's tranquil natural beauty, but the property is zoned waterfront  residential, with the possibility for eventually building a passive solar log house (although both hydro and phone are available). 

Taxes are low, $256 for 2015. The villages of Marmora and Madoc are about 12 minutes drive. The trans-Canada Trail is a 10 minute walk, and there are boating lakes in the greater area, including Moira Lake (Madoc) and Crowe Lake (Marmora).


Distance from        km

Marmora               14

Madoc                   22

Tweed                   44

Belleville              64

Bancroft                 69

Peterboro               73

Kingston                139

Oshawa                 147

Toronto                 203

Ottawa                  217