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Selling a Home in Hastings County
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Selecting a real estate salesperson in the Quinte area

With almost 400 real estate sales representatives in the Quinte Real Estate District, choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. It is important to choose someone who will devote his or her time to correctly marketing your property and with whom you will feel comfortable working over the several months it usually takes to sell a home.

I believe a real estate broker is one who listens closely to his clients and spends as much time as necessary to secure the best possible results.

Deciding on a listing price

There are a number of factors to consider when setting the price of your home.

  1. How much money do you want to net after all expenses such as balance of mortgage, legal fees, and commissions?
  2. What have similar properties sold for in the area recently and how much is being asked for the properties that did not sell?
  3. How quickly do you want to sell?

I can help you determine the various expenses associated with selling your home as well as preparing a complete market analysis of properties that have recently sold and are currently for sale in your area.

We can then determine the right asking price for your property based on your needs and current market conditions. By setting the right price, you will get the quickest possible sale.

Marketing your property

Together we would take an objective look at your house and discuss how best to prepare it for sale. Renovations may not always be practical and often do not yield higher returns. However, removing clutter, a thorough cleaning and some fresh paint can go along way in making in a good first impression on potential buyers.

As soon as your property is listed, it will be on the MLS Internet system with details available to all realtors as well as my own website.

Wherever possible, I pre-screen all prospective buyers before showing your home, making sure they are truly interested and can afford to purchase your home.

Communication between a real estate representative and his client should be ongoing as prospective buyers view the home. I encourage you to call me any time if you have any concerns.

Receiving an offer

When any offer is received, we will review the terms together and make sure that your best interests are protected. As your agent, I will be there to listen and offer advice when asked but ultimately the final decision can only be made by you.

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